Double Taper Horn Antenna


Achieve ultra high electric field (600V/m) Immunity Test, demanded by many Automotive manufacturers’ regulation of the world, at around the half input power so far.Originated dual Taper structure enables the ultra high electric field.

Enable to reduce the demanded power of Power Amp., the power withstand of RF cables and Couplers of the system. So, enable to reduce the cost and to improve the safety due to reducing the heat loss each for equipment.

Option ; Designated stand enable to move, switch thepolarization, adjust the position. The centreof aperture is adjusted between 950~1050mm from the floor.

Parameter/Type MDTH1214 MDTH2731
Frequency 1.2 -1.4GHz 2.7 –3.1GHz
Max.Input 500W 500W
VSWR(Max.) <2.0 <2.0
Gain 18dBi 21dBi
Impedance 50Ω 50Ω
Connector 7/16DIN(f) 7/16 DIN(f)
Weight 21.2kg 13.3kg
Size(W * D * H)mm 845 * 728 * 1510 612 * 517 * 1360

* Original developed by DENSO EMC ENGINEERING SERVICE CORPORATION, and MWF is given Exclusive Sales


The following data are measured under the test set-up with radiated antenna, which meet the radar pulse immunity test regulation each for the Vehicle manufacturers.

A set-up left ; MDTH1214, right ; MDTH2731
Bset-up left; MDTH1214, right ; MDTH2731
C set-up MDTH1214