EMC Visualizing System

System Structures

Measurement result

ESD Visualize

EMI Visualize

System spec

System Overview
  • 1. 5 axis ARM Robot ; measurable area 400 W x 350 D x 3 00 (H)mm , θ: 90
  • 2. Minimum steps ; 0.1mm step
  • 3. Motor control via LAN
  • 4. AC / DC adopter 100V 230V
  • 5. Laser Pointer ; Positioning on PCB
  • 6. Laser displacement meter ; Detection the height of components on PCB
  • 7. Available to Multi Probes by attachment
  • 8. Probe Protection ; Operation stop once contact
  • 9. Control PC with ESD visualize software
  • Note ; we will supply Arm robot into shielded case for customers’ safety.

Products overview

Accompanying electric devices low voltage operating, there are a lot of opportunities of ESD being issue for malfunction of the devices. This is ESD Visualizer (especially the route) to evaluate which should be measurement and the effectivity the counteractions, which is structured by 5 axis Arm robot and PC to control Oscilloscope, ESD tester, etc.

System Overview

Visualize ESD

The TIP of gun of ESD tester direct applying the voltage with attaching to GND and Connector on PCB during Magnetic field probe auto scanning, Oscilloscope repeating the measurement. Then, Visualized data is structured as time axis.

Visualize radiated noise

Similarly, Visualized data of the radiated noise from PCB is also structured as frequency axis, which Spectrum Analyzer repeating the measurement during magnetic field probe auto scanning on the PCB.

Outline DimensionsW:800 ㎜ x D:1100 ㎜ x H:1800㎜ (case size)
Measured rangeW 400㎜ x D: 350㎜ x H 300㎜ (unfixed)
Placement AreaW 800 ㎜ x D: 1100㎜
Main unitsARM Robot with 5 axis, Control Software
AccessoriesProbe, Pre Amp, Double Shielded Cable, USB cable, AC adapter
Measurement Equip.(Opations)Oscilloscope, Spectrum Analyzer (R&S, Keysight)
ESD Tester (Noise Laboratory, AMETEK)
Magnetic & Electric Field Probes, Fixed jigs, etc.
Multi connection Probes available via attachment ;

(ex.) SEIWA, Langer, NARDA

Motor Control ;

Connect with control PC via LAN cable

Probe protection ;

Sensor for Down direction sensor (for Probe protection)
Sensor for Side direction (for DUT protection)

Measurement for the asperities of surface by Laser displacement meter
Measurement area (coordinate) designation ; Laser pointer