PIStream is a power integrity design tool for PCB that will help you meet your target impedance and reduce transfer impedance. Use PIStream to achieve target impedance by adding/moving capacitors, plane shapes, and Power/GND plane distances. Transfer Impedance Analysis function helps reduce noise propagation between aggressor and victim ICs. Graphic-based PIStream is easy to use and offers speedy analysis. Start working with PIStream to improve power integrity and save time and money.

Input Impedance Analysis

PIStream calculates input impedance and helps you meet your target impedance by adding de-caps, changing the capacitor location, and changing the power plane thickness and shape.

Transfer Impedance Analysis

PIStream calculates transfer impedance to avoid noise transition to other ICs and internal RF interference. The following figures show the results of transfer impedance analysis.

DC Analysis(IR Drop)

PIStream also calculates IR Drop and displays color gradation as well as the IR Drop value for each IC.