FS-Solver Microwave
Full 3D electromagnetic field simulation System

Customer benefits
  • Full-scale analysis is possible by simple operation of the designers themselves, not by simulation experts.
  • Simulation by the designer can be done while designing, drastic reduction of redesign.
    Using CAD data as it is, and simplification of simulation model does not required.
    Increase in computation time due to mesh increase is solved by highly parallel calculation of solver with high parallel computation scalability
Case study

3D EMC Design Rule Check
EMC Check for 3D mechanical design

Customer benefits
  • Even inexperienced designers easily achieve EMI/ESD countermeasure design in a short time.
  • Contributing to R&D cost and time to market reduction through redesign (mold rebuilding, EMI reevaluation) reduction.
    "Design Rule Check" to verify the EMI / ESD risk using 3D CAD data as input
    Achieve short term, low cost, high quality product development due to improve EMC design at the early design stage
Case study